Anonymous asked: WHO IS EIRIES HE LOOKS LIKE A BADASS and what is his general purpose in life. also what is with those metallic ears whoa what's up with that

First of all, those are NOT metal ears, they are HORNS. They’re collapsible because they’re FUCKING HUGE and heavy and they’d be ridiculous to sleep on. Also, flattening them allows him to hide them under a hat, which he does often. He also wears an eyepatch over his eye. ANYWAY


imageHE IS TOTALLY A BADASS. HE IS A CYBORG CRIMINAL HACKER-TYPE GUY WHO GOES BY THE CODENAME ARIES. ALSO HIS ROBOT-Y BITS (especially his eye) ARE COMPUTERIZED AND HE LITERALLY UPLOADS VIRUSES ONTO THINGS BECAUSE HE’S FUCKING AWESOME.He’s also huge and can punch through stuff but it’s really not advised because there’s no one who can really fix his limbs because the people who gave them to him were jerks and also kind of evil and turned him into a robotic sociopath ssssssoooooo. yeah. You can read his wowold character sheet heeeere I haven’t really done anything with him since. :( Umm. He was for an RP group with police/criminals who all had animal themes (He is obviously a ram as you can see by his horns and his super fluffy vestcoat) anddd he was one of the CRIMINALS AND HIS PARTNER IS ELESKA DUPREE WHO IS OWNED BY THIS LOVELY LADY OVER HERE (was??? is that still a thing axis? that should still be a thing okay we need to RP them again someday because they’re great together and I’m pretty sure they’re having sex from the way all their conversations go)

wow I sure am coherent. Um. Eiries is basically really great he’s one of my favourite characters and I’m sad I’ve never done anything with him really.

  1. chocolatstars said: IT SHOULD STILL BE A THING BECAUSE IT WAS FUN AND I ENJOY ELESKA A LOT and yeah they probably are/were doing the nasty. I would be surprised if they weren’t. But yeah we should RP them again.
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