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I haven’t drawn Mute in a while.

andyanon asked: I'm curious about the races you use for OC's. Could you give a basic rundown of maybe some summarized societal differences between them? I'm most curious about Melody! I like the whole musically name based race.

Melodies aren’t actually a race, you can think of it as more a Title. They’re an elite order of mages that function as lawbringers among other things. Basically, they’re the clergy of the Church of Rhapsody(the primary religion of the western continents Stilte and Rumore). I’ve gone really indepth about them in various places in the past (that are mostly outdated so I probably shouldn’t link them but if you want to give this WAY OUTDATED RUNDOWN a perusal go ahead)

There’s a lot of races/sub-races and they all have multiple names/are associated with different aspects of magic that might be confusing to anyone other than me because I never talk about them, and wow I’m already going more in-depth than I need to. I’ll just briefly summarize all of them. I eventually plan on getting around to writing an essay-length post on each of the races, though.

The primary race is humans, most Melodies are human/were human (Melodies don’t consider themselves human, though they’re not a race themselves. They’re a bit narcissistic and consider themselves demi-gods because the Goddess has blessed them with the ability to use Song (magic) blah blah blah parentheticals). You might be able to find some outdated rambling about them in this sideblog.Humans are just sort of humans. Humans can also not use magic unaided/unaltered. This is a Big Thing, and you’ll find that most users of magic are twisted humans. Unlike our world, humans don’t really divide themselves into different races based on skin tone or location. Their arbitrary hierarchy is based on eye color.

There are four “primary” non-human races that are each associated with a different element (which is an aspect of magic, but I don’t really want to go in-depth about the magic system right now so let’s just roll with it). They have two names, their true names and what everyone calls them but lets’ not go into that. I call them all by their true names in my head most of the time though so their common names are a little weird to me, but the common ones are the ones I’m providing

First there’s the Veil. They’re basically winged humanoids, associated with wind. Nothing much to say about them. All their names start with V and they have a written language that is entirely phonetic, so a lot of their names have multiple spellings. Volley and Vein (and Lyric and Voice) are Veil.

Second is the Nomads (earth). They’re a race of desert-dwellers that are basically my brand of Our Elves Are Different. They have big teeths and talk backwards. Peddler and Switch are Nomads. They come in all colors ranging from chalky gray to dark brown or sandy gold. They also like garish colors and scarves and selling things. Or something.

Then there’s the Giants (fire). They come in Swamp and Mountain variety. They’re big (rly big). The swamp kind are smaller, more slender and human-like. The mountain kind are bulkier, bigger, and look a bit like armored, horned hell demons. A bit, but not really. They’re all named after types of weapons.

The Nix/Nixie (water) are the afformentioned spooky devil mermaids that like to drown people. They’re probably the least developed because I don’t have a Nix main character in any of the storylines yet.

Then you have the Homunculi which are artificial humans. They come in two flavors. Perfect, and Imperfect, and are further divided by element. A perfect Homunculus is one that looks human at first (and maybe second) glance. You can only really tell by their eyes/chests that they’re not human. Imperfect Homunculi look like humanoid monsters but otherwise vary widely in appearance. Ether is a Perfect Homunculus. Chartreuse is an Imperfect one. Homunculi are the only humanoids that get two names.

and then you have robots and cyborgs and the Aetheri and this post is already a disjointed mess so I’m gonna leave it here.

renderuntokaiser asked: how advanced in technology in your story? do some countries have a technological advantage?

It depends on where you are in the world. The continent of Meratah is much, much more technologically advanced than the others The way the story is set up is kind of confusing and takes a while to explain so I won’t really get into it too much, if you look through the tag you’ll see me talk a bit about how it’s set up. and it’s the location for my personal favorite plotline.

Technology is closely interwoven with magic regardless of wherever you are, though, and it’s primarily your staple magical middle ages-esque high fantasy setting—and then you have your areas of weird almost post-apocalyptic wasteland, and also dystopian cyberpunk countries run by cyborg overlords at war with their neighboring nations full of Blind Magic Knights and Necromancers commanding armies of Zombie Puppets. but I digress.

renderuntokaiser asked: how/why were the homunculi created?


I can tell you the who, though! The who is Echo (aka The Alchemist), and the most I’ll say is that his goal is to make a Homunculus that is an indistinguishable replica of a human.



It’s her main character for her story his name is Ether and he’s a dweeb. I love him a lot. He loves honey and bread.

now I need to stop procrastinating on other commission stuff

(edit: hastily fixed the tie thingies)







You wake up believing this day will end by evening
It’s taken for granted that seeds of life are planted
But nothing prepares you for nature’s acts of virtue
It’s Doomsday, ascending, the world you know is ending

'Cause all villains gotta have a cool theme song.

So I’ve always thought Elixir had a really stupid looking outfit, so I decided to change it up (finally), and make it slightly less stupid while still retaining the overall ~look~ it had before.


Probably all for today. Messing around with her outfit a little, I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it (other than changing it entirely). She was originally an RO huntress, so her design reflects that and imo still needs to be modified more.

probably gonna be reusing some poses that I’ve already used/never finished for the RLUCK characters because I’m lazy.

dorky protagonists are always first, right?

I’ve decided to make my next personal drawing project a full set of persona-esque portraits for all of ER’s main cast, because it’ll keep me occupied for a while and I already did a preliminary one of Sahara a long time ago. Full expressions and alternate outfits and everything and Pastel gets two sets because Pastel

So, yo, what are some emotions/expressions you think I should include for them? Feel free to get creative!



i don’t have photoshop anymore to animate with :(

whoa dang check out that guy