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For those of you who remember me from my DA group days (more specifically WA), after literal years of occasionally browsing the thrift store sometimes. I present to you the grumpiest redhead I have ever made.


draw any character of mine you think is the cutest

gurl you have so many characters, but I went with Peddler because I love their colors and the head wrap and I’ve wanted to draw them for a long time.


YOU MADE HIM LOOK SO SMUG INSTEAD OF JUST DISGRUNTLED AND DORKY <3 (all the prithvi are really fun for me to draw because of their teefs)

yee. the red was not part of the initial palette.

I tried to sell my soul last night
Funny, he wouldn’t even take a bite

Ended up a little bit spookier than I’d initially intended. I’ll upload the still images in a second.

I haven’t drawn Mute in a while.


btw I have a set of four charahub accounts just for Melodies

they’re all like 100% empty right now, but you can’t say that I’m not dedicated to repetitively making profiles… but you could gather as much by my Mostly Empty OC database

case in point one two three four

renderuntokaiser asked: i noticed one character share's your main url's name, how did you name her?

Rigaudon herself isn’t really an important character/doesn’t hold any significance to me. I like music terms a lot (and all of the Melodies have musical names) and Rigaudon was one of the only free names when I went to create my tumblr.

renderuntokaiser asked: how/why were the homunculi created?


I can tell you the who, though! The who is Echo (aka The Alchemist), and the most I’ll say is that his goal is to make a Homunculus that is an indistinguishable replica of a human.

chrismas95 asked: Do you tend to make your characters resemble you or try to make them different?

I don’t really have an “author avatar” in any of my characters, if that’s what you mean? Do you mean physically or personality-wise?

I think everyone puts a little bit of themselves into any character they make, because it’s hard to make up something completely different from what you know. I think the characters that have the most aspects (for lack of a better word) of myself put into them would be my RP characters, though none are really based on myself, and it’s more that I just have certain types of characters I like a lot, and tend to fall back on certain archetypes more than others.

Iiii’m not really sure. I don’t really think about whether or not a character is similar or different from me when I make them. I make characters to fulfill a certain role or personality type. Some are more like me than others, but I can’t think of any that are exactly like me.