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it’s one of those days

can you guess what I’ve been playing a lot of lately?

I did a lot of sketches but this was the only one that was semi-presentable without a ton of fiddling

I feel like I lost the style quite a bit as I moved away from her face/hair. I’ll try not to do that on the next one.

Next up is Ringing Bells

You wake up believing this day will end by evening
It’s taken for granted that seeds of life are planted
But nothing prepares you for nature’s acts of virtue
It’s Doomsday, ascending, the world you know is ending

'Cause all villains gotta have a cool theme song.

So I’ve always thought Elixir had a really stupid looking outfit, so I decided to change it up (finally), and make it slightly less stupid while still retaining the overall ~look~ it had before.


i herd u like wips, tamblur

did you guess right?

guess where the last one is

i dont know how to draw people

how many characters do I have with dark skin and face scars I don’t know but it’s a lot

new character means I gotta draw ‘em 8000 times and then never again